The many benefits of having plants at work
Le Present


Having plants at work can provide several benefits, including: 

Low maintenance: Artificial plants do not require regular watering, pruning or sunlight, making them a great choice for those who don’t have the time or resources to care for living plants. 

Allergen-free: For those who suffer from allergies, artificial plants are a great option as they do not produce pollen or other allergens that can trigger allergic reactions. 

Cost-effective: While high-quality artificial plants may cost more upfront, they can save money in the long run since they do not need to be replaced as often as real plants. 

Aesthetic appeal: Plants and vases can add visual interest to a space. It can help to improve the overall look and feel of office space, making it more inviting and welcoming to both employees and visitors. 

Texture: Plants and vases can add texture to a room. A ceramic vase or a plant with unique foliage can add depth and dimension to a space. 

Color: Plants and flowers can add color to a room, providing a pop of brightness or a subtle accent. 

Increased productivity: Research has shown that having plants in the workplace can lead to increased productivity, as well as improved concentration and memory retention. 

Mood enhancement: Plants and flowers can have a calming effect on a room, promoting relaxation and reducing stress. 

Reduced stress: Plants have a calming effect on people and can help to reduce stress levels. This can be particularly helpful in high-stress work environments. 

Improving creativity: Studies have shown that having plants in the workplace can boost creativity and improve problem-solving skills. 

Overall, having plants in the workplace can provide a range of benefits for both employees and employers. They can help to create a more pleasant and productive work environment, which can lead to improved job satisfaction and overall wellbeing. 

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